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Can I drink on the bus?

No you cannot, per state laws & regulations alcohol cannot be consumed on the Brew Bus. Lucky for you, we'll be taking you to the best breweries Greater Manchester has to offer! If you choose to be DD for the tour then there will be other fun perks waiting for you.

Do I have to be 21 to take the tour?

Yes, we check IDs before boarding the bus! Exceptions can be made for private tours.

Tour start times?

We recommend that you arrive 30 mins prior to the start of each tour to check in & get situated before the tour begins.

What does my ticket price include?

Ticket price includes safe transport to 3 or more breweries, exclusive deals only available to Brew Bus riders, snacks, fun and a memorable experience!

How many people can the bus fit?

We have a 15 passenger vehicle, which includes the driver. We can fit 14 total guests per tour.

What if I'm running late?

The Brew Bus runs on a specific schedule to insure we make it to all destinations. If you are going to be late, we recommend you join us on the 2nd stop of the tour!

Does the Manchvegas Brew Bus do private parties and tours?

Bring on the bachelor & bachelorettes, surprise birthdays, family reunions & work after parties! Feel free to email us with your ideas & we'll be happy to make all your dreams come true. Private tours start at $840 for all 14 seats, minimum of 7 seats. Prices and dates will vary depending on the availability of the bus.

Will there be snacks?

We will provide pretzel necklaces, nostalgic snacks and waters to all on board the Brew Bus!

Is the Brew Bus handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capabilities for a wheelchair lift on our bus.

If I purchase growlers/cans to go is there a place to keep it cold?

Yes, we will have coolers on the bus to keep your beverages cold!

Will the Brew Bus cancel a tour?

If there are less than 6 people registered for a tour on a specific date we reserve the right to cancel the tour. If need be, we will give you credit towards another tour or refund your ticket price. We will contact you ahead of time if this is the case!

If the weather is unsafe for travel then we reserve the right to cancel a tour. If this happens, we will give you credit towards a future tour or refund your ticket.


Cancellation policy:

We understand that things happen!

If you must cancel, please do so within 72 hours of the tour.

You will be refunded your ticket price or be given a credit towards another tour.


If you cancel your reservation within 48 hours there will be no refund.


What we expect from you while riding the Brew Bus:

We want every passenger to have epic, memorable & safe trip!

Feel free to post pictures to your social media aka make all your friends jealous. 


For the safety of our riders, we request no ride along or trail vehicles to follow the Brew Bus tour.


We reserve the right to remove any passenger that is disruptive, holding up the tour in anyway or overly intoxicated. 

If any passenger gets sick on the Brew Bus, MBB reserves the right to charge you a cleaning fee for the damages.

Safe driving: 

If you feel that after the tour concludes that you are unable to operate your vehicle we will happily call you an uber/lyft or provide you with safe transport for an additional fee.

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